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About our lifetime warranty

If you have any questions about our warranty, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your custom order books open?/Do you take any direct orders?

Our custom ordering books are not open at this time. If down the road we are ever again able to facilitate custom orders, we will make sure to let everyone know via social media and other outlets.

Where can I buy one of your knives?

We have a list of our authorized dealers on our site. If you are curious about which dealers are receiving orders next, make sure to follow them on their respective social media platforms and sign up for newsletters to stay up to date with all drops. We also occasionally drop knives for sale on our site. The best way to be aware of when that happens is to follow us on social media, as we always notify on there when we will be dropping. Feel free to shoot us an email and I may be able to help point you in the right direction.

What does your warranty cover?

Our lifetime warranty covers any and all manufacturer defects. We always back our product and if it falls short in any way for its intended uses we want to make it right! If you have any questions about warranty, please contact us at [email protected].

Do you sell replacement front scales?

We no longer offer front scales. All the handles are now made in pairs and we no longer have singles available for purchase.

Do you sell replacement hardware?

We have replacement hardware available on our site. A few of our dealers also carry some of our hardware. If you are curious about the authenticity of hardware ordered from anyone but us, please feel free to ask, as we have had issues with unauthorized hardware stripping out parts.

What is the difference between generations?

Gen 1: The Gen 1 Arius is most easily distinguishable by having two lock insert screws. They also have a slightly different blade and flipper tab profile but still similar to the Gen 2. Gen 1’s were never available with lightening lockets. These were not made in house.

Gen 2: The Gen 2 Arius is most easily distinguishable by having one lock insert screw and a hooked shaped flipper tab and is the first generation made 100% in house. Some Gen 2’s have lightening pockets, but not all.

Gen 3: The Gen 3 Arius is most easily distinguishable by having the new style flipper tab with jimping and still has the Gen 2 style lock arm. The Gen 3 backspacer has pins running through the backspacer to provide extra support and better parallelism. Gen 3 is the first generation to be available with a “flipper delete”. All Gen 3’s are made with M390 and all come with lightening pockets.

Gen 4: The Gen 4 Arius is most easily distinguishable by having the new style flipper tab, a much higher lock face (up near the pivot area) and a swooping, less angular, lock arm cutout. All Gen 4’s are designated as such on the inside of the face scale, which can be viewed from the back through the clip/leaf spring window.

This list is for distinguishing between the models and is nowhere near a complete list of changes throughout generations. This list should be used as a reference guide for those curious about which generation you are looking at. If you have any questions regarding the differences between generations, please feel free to email our customer support at

[email protected]

What lubrication do you recomend?

Here at the shop, we use 10 weight Nano oil for bearing lubrication. One drop on the detent ramp, one drop on each bearing, and one drop on the pivot barrel. We recommend using the smallest amount possible, as less is almost always more in this situation.

Can I order a colored pivot?/Can I anodize the pivot myself?

The pivot barrel is heat treated 416SS and the "D" shaped pivot head is 6AL4V titanium on Gen 4 Batch 2 and newer. These pivots are loctited and torqued so we do not reccomend anodizing these yourself. All previous models are steel and therefore cannot be electrically anodized. Each pivot barrel is fit specifically to the blade during fitting and therefore, we cannot sell individual pivot assemblies.

Sell backspacers? Timascus or anodized?

We do sell timascus clips and spacers from time to time in small batches. They will be listed on our site first come first served. Make sure to follow us on social media to make sure you know when items like this drop.

Do you offer any kind of refurbishing or spa treatment?

We do have a spa program available! Please email us at [email protected] to check availability. We also offer free sharpening services for life.

What angle do you sharpen your knives at?

All of our knives are sharpened by hand. We shoot between 17-19 degrees.

Will modifying/anodizing void my warranty?

Our warranty will cover all and any manufacturing defects for life. Modifying or anodizing can void any or all affected parts. Warranty work on modified knives will be at the discretion of Koenig Knives. If you have any questions about modified knives, please email us at [email protected].

Do the knives require a break in period?

We recommend giving the knives about a 2 week break in period for detent and lock engagement. We fit every knife with a medium-firm detent with the expectation of them breaking in over time and becoming slightly softer.

Return Policy

Returns on products purchased from our website are only accepted if the product is defective or faulty.